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0,07 Volume Lashes Chocolate Brown Proffino Mini

0,07 Volume Lashes Chocolate Brown Proffino Mini

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Elevate your lash game with our Proffino Mini Chocolate Brown Volume Lashes, the epitome of lash perfection.

These lashes are designed for effortless fanning, making them a must-have for lash artists of all levels.
Their velvety matte surface not only adds a touch of sophistication but also aids in impeccable retention, ensuring your clients' lashes stay flawless for longer.

Each Mini tray offers the choice of 6 rows, mix of sizes allowing you to customize your lash designs perfectly.

Ranging from 7mm to 12mm in length and with a sleek thickness of 0.07mm, these lashes provide a spectrum of options to achieve your desired look.
Crafted from an incredibly flexible fiber, meticulously selected from hundreds of other options, these lashes offer unparalleled versatility.


Thicknes: 0,07mm

Curl: C,CC,D

Length: MIX (7-12mm) 

Color: Chocolate Brown

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