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CLASSIC LASHES 1:1 Small Group

CLASSIC LASHES 1:1 Small Group

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Beginner training course dedicated for those who want to start their extensions adventure.

The price includes:
- accredited PROFFINO certificate(study case required)
- diploma of attendance
- PROFFINO training kit
- 15% discount for first order in PROFFINO
- 10% unlimited discount in PROFFINO
- unlimited online helps from trainer
- manual

Training includes:
✔️Story of eyelash extensions
✔️1:1 method - what's this?
✔️Lash extensions products
✔️Health and safety for the therapist
✔️Contraindications s to have eyelash extensions
✔️Anatomy of an eyelash
✔️Lash types
✔️How to choose correct lashes for client
✔️Direction of eyelash extensions
✔️Distance from eyelids
✔️How to attach eyelash extensions
✔️Basic eye stylization
✔️Eye positions and shapes
✔️Perfect drop of the glue
✔️Correct patch test
✔️Step by step of lash application
✔️How to remove eyelash extensions
✔️Aftercare for clients
✔️Workplace arrangement

Practical part:
✔️practise on training head
-how to isolate
-how to pick up eyelashes

✔️practical part on live model
-models eye position
-models eye shape
-models eyelash condition
-models eyelash length


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